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10 fall-proof steps to amazing autumn photographs

The fall season is one of the favorite times of year for many photographers. The combination of stunning autumnal color and detail, and the sheer extent of the transformation of the landscape, inspires wonder like few other times of year. Sure, snow-covered hills are truly beautiful to behold and summer light can give unique shadows, but autumn is the season where we get to explore familiar locations in a whole new way.

With all of this photographic potential at our fingertips it is easy to get carried away, and head out with the assumption that the physical changes to the environment will be enough to deliver stunning images. It is critical to understand the psychological reasons why fall images resonate with viewers, however, and how best to use color, light and detail to tell a story of the season and capture the atmosphere. It’s not as straightforward as it looks! Here we explore 10 professional secrets to truly magnetic autumn scenes…

1) Pack your polarizer

(Image credit: Future)

It might be seen as an essential filter in many genres of photography, but landscape is where the circular polarizer feels most at home. This is especially true during the fall season, where sheen on the leaves can reduce the impact of the deep fiery colors we all want to capture. We advise keeping your polarizer on your lens at all times when shooting in woodland, to make sure you aren’t disappointed with the color saturation.