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150 Best Music Quotes – Inspiring Quotes About Music

Can you imagine your life without music? It’s almost impossible. Whether we are cruising in the car headed to the beach on a hot summer day or listening to muzak at a doctor’s office, we are constantly surrounded by song. Makeups, breakups, parties, hanging out with friends, singing along with our kids, or caroling a Christmas tune—music stamps nearly every aspect of our life. Much in the way a killer soundtrack accompanies a movie, most of us have songs that accent each phase of our lives, melodies that instantly bring us back to specific moments or memories when we hear them even years later.

To celebrate the magical feelings that music can evoke in our lives, we’ve put together a list of 150 quotes about music. Some of these music quotes are by musical artists themselves, others are from philosophers, authors and other performers. But no matter who the person was that said these inspiring words, these music quotes all beautifully describe the huge impact that music has on our lives.

150 Best Music Quotes

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