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Dune 3 and Much more Dune Flicks Teased by Screenwriter Jon Spaihts

In the last line of Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune,” Zendaya’s character says, “This is only the beginning.” She could as effectively have been conversing about the “Dune” franchise itself. Villeneuve is at present in pre-production on “Dune: Element 2,” which is predicted to commence filming in late summer season, and a tv sequence centered on the Bene Gesserit is currently in progress. Jon Spaihts, who is an Oscar nominee this year for co-producing “Dune” with Villeneuve and Eric Roth, hinted to The Playlist this week that the franchise in all probability won’t end there as he’s been hired to “investigate other cinematic prospective customers in the ‘Dune’ universe.”

Spaihts was at first established to serve as showrunner of the aforementioned HBO Max television series, officially titled “Dune: The Sisterhood,” but he dropped out of the venture in November 2019 so he could emphasis solely on writing “Dune: Section 2.” But that’s not at all Spaihts was tasked with by WarnerMedia.

“[The television show] is carrying on and I’m not authorized to discuss about it extremely significantly. But that effort is alive and well,” Spaihts explained to The Playlist. “I finished up obtaining moved off of it to operate, not just on ‘Dune: Part 2,’ but to investigate other cinematic prospective clients in the ‘Dune’ universe, which we are however chatting about and which, again, I’m not permitted to say very substantially about. But it is a very rich environment in which to enjoy, and I believe it is ripe with alternatives for storytelling in every single direction.”

Contemplating Spaihts’ remark, it appears WarnerMedia is hoping to extend the “Dune” universe further than just the assignments that have been announced. It’s barely a stunning expose offered that most big studio franchises these times, from Marvel to “Star Wars” and the DCEU, exist throughout a variety of film and streaming tv initiatives. Villeneuve has presently absent on record expressing curiosity in generating a third “Dune” motion picture based on Frank Herbert’s sequel novel “Dune Messiah.”

“There is ‘Dune’s’ 2nd guide, ‘The Messiah of Dune,’ which could make an amazing movie,” Villeneuve explained to CBC Radio Canada very last August. “I always observed that there could be a trilogy following that, we’ll see. It is years of do the job I can’t assume of going further more than that.”

Spaihts doubled down on the probable for a 3rd “Dune” film, telling The Playlist, “Denis has talked critically about creating [‘Dune Messiah’] as very well, as a summary of the trilogy. ‘Dune Messiah’ is a very interesting reserve, which in some methods, deconstructs ‘Dune’ and performs as a cautionary tale, even more than Dune does, about the dangers of mixing religion and politics, the hazards of subsequent charismatic leaders and the hazardous wrestle which is normally alive among the personal and institutions.”

When asked if “Dune: Section 2” could lay the groundwork with hints at what’s to arrive in a possible third film, Spaihts answered, “I feel that’s right. There are a number of tantalizing strands that lead into the future and recommend that we may possibly not be finished in this universe, regardless of the simple fact that the ending of ‘Dune’ as a novel, which will be the ending of the next movie, is a really fulfilling conclusion.”

“Dune” is now obtainable to stream on HBO Max. “Dune: Part 2” is established for release from Warner Bros. on Oct 23, 2023.