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Glowing Jellyfish Win European Wildlife Photography Awards

“Medusa Ballet” by Angel Fitor. Winner, European Wildlife Photographer of the Yr.

Right after six years, Spanish photographer Angel Fitor was last but not least equipped to get the photograph of jellyfish in Spain’s Mar Menor that he’d been envisioning. His tolerance was not only rewarded with the stunning image, but also with a gain at the 2021 European Wildlife Photographer of the Yr awards. He conquer out about 1,000 photographers from 36 countries to nab the best spot.

However it appears that there are eleven jellyfish in the photo, Fitor in fact photographed two. By adhering to their movements with multiple flash releases, we are able to see them bob throughout the frame. While the photo is stunning, it also retains an significant message. Fitor’s image was taken in 2014 prior to the destruction of the lagoon’s ecosystem. The photographer blames poor agricultural scheduling and overbuilding for the tourism sector for the slow drop of the water’s aquatic everyday living. In fact, he phone calls the picture an “ode to the exclusive all-natural heritage the lagoon Mar Menor after was.”

“Through the illusion of a swarm of jellyfish, [the photo] evokes associations with a craze we can observe everywhere in heavily overexploited seas. Maritime ecosystems that are no extended unimpaired and the warming seas as a result of climate transform are selling the raise of individual species,” claims the patron of the competitors and president of the Federal Company for Nature Conservation (BFN) Dr. Beate Jessel.

Other successful images from the contest show unique elements of the pure world. This incorporates attention-grabbing underwater encounters among unique species and a flock of birds coming to roost in Norway. Young photographers also have an significant area in the contest, with delightful images of birds successful the two the 15- to 17-yr-outdated and under 14-yr-aged classes.

With around 19,000 pictures entered in this year’s competition, the judges had a lot to consider. As generally, the contest is sponsored by the German Culture for Mother nature Photographers as a way to celebrate contemporary character photography. The winning photographs will now embark on a touring exhibit all over Germany and other components of Europe. If you can not make it in excess of to see the exhibition, or just desire to browse the pictures at dwelling, there is also a printed catalog of this year’s winners out there for purchase.

See additional amazing successful photographs from the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 awards.

Moose Shaking Off Rain

“After the Rain” by Danny Eco-friendly. Winner, Mammals.

Seal Underwater Swimming Toward School of Fish

“Water Ballet” by Fabrice Guerin. Winner, The Underwater World.

Emerald Dragon on Branches

“Emerald dragon” by Jan Pedersen. Winner, Other Animals.

Nsenene Trapped on a Oil Drum

“Nsenene 9” by Jasper Doest. Winner, Fritz Pölking Prize

Pink-footed Geese Roosting in Norway

“Bird Migration” by Terje Kolaas. Winner, Birds.

Seal Sitting in Hot Springs

“A Quiet Evening” by Marco Gaiotti. Highly Counseled, Mammals.

Italian Dolomites

“Thunderstorm Mood” by Sonja Jordan. Extremely Commended, Landscapes.

Underwater Photographers Surrounding a Shark

“Diving and species conservation” by Magnus Lundgren. Winner, Gentlemen and Character.

Artistic Photo of White Birds

“The Boss” by Francis De Andrés. Winner, Nature’s Studio.

Bird Perched on Sunflower

“Spring Singer” by Andrés Luis Domínguez Blanco. Winner, Youthful Photographers (Up to 14)

Tree Bursting Through Fog

“In the Mist” by Helmut Elzenbaumer. Really Counseled, Crops and Mushrooms.

White Birds Landing on a Tree Branch in the Water

“Winged stars” by Davide Biagi. Hugely Counseled, Birds

Arctic Fox Surrounded by Mosquitoes

“Arctic fox in a Swarm of Mosquitoes” by Arnfinn Johansen. Hugely Counseled, Mammals.

Spanish moon moths

“Spanish moon moths” by Pedro Javier Pascual Hernandez. Runner-Up, Other Animals.

Swirling Cloud of Bait Fish

“Baitball” by Henley Spiers. Extremely Commended, The Underwater Planet

Jay Flying Through the Forest

“Forest of the Siberian Jay” by Lasse Kurkela. Winner, Youthful Photographers (15-17 Years).

Male Alpine Ibex in the French Alps

“The King” by Emile Séchaud. Winner, Fritz Pölking Junior Prize.

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My Present day Satisfied granted permission to aspect images by the German Society for Mother nature Photographers.

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