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Home Entertainment Guide: October 2021 | TV/Streaming

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Special Features
Deleted and Extended Scenes
Guy and Buddy Hit the Beach
Hot Nuts Gets Blown
NPC Rally (Extended)
Gag Reel
Dude vs. Guy – Join Ryan Reynolds, director Shawn Levy and the creative and stunt teams as they reveal the innovative process of creating “Free Guy”‘s ultimate showdown between Guy and the wildly amped-up, spray-tanned, frosted-tipped version of himself known as Dude.
Creating Molotovgirl – Jodie Comer transforms from a brilliant programmer to her fierce avatar in “Free Guy.” Watch as the award-winning action star and filmmakers deconstruct the conceptualization, evolution and execution of bringing Molotovgirl to life.
It’s Taika’s World – “Free Guy”‘s outrageous action may exist in a virtual world, but Taika Waititi makes the real world just as crazy with the over-the-top Antwan. See him at work in this entertaining showcase of a genuinely talented and hilarious performer.
Welcome to Free City – Delve into the reality-skewing universe that is Free City, as revealed by director Shawn Levy, the cast, and its inventive creative teams. Find out how they transformed a real metropolis into a virtual playground where anything is possible.
Optional English SDH, Spanish, and French subtitles for the main feature

“The Green Knight”

David Lowery’s long-delayed adaptation of the 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was finally released in July to universal acclaim, including a four-star review by yours truly. While interested viewers had to wait forever from its initial release date to finally getting to see it, the wait from theaters to Blu-ray has been much smaller, as it’s already out physical and digital media. A gorgeous rumination on masculinity and courage, Lowery’s dreamlike vision casts Dev Patel as Gawain, a nephew to King Arthur, who sets out on a journey to face his destiny. Captivating in ways that modern American filmmakers are rarely allowed to be these days, this stands among the best films of the year. 

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Special Features
Boldest of Blood and Wildest of Heart: Making The Green Knight – Featurette
Practitioners of Magic: Visual Effects
Illuminating Technique: Title Design
Theatrical Trailer
Optional English SDH and Spanish subtitles for the main feature

“High Sierra” (Criterion)

Movies wouldn’t be the same without Raoul Walsh’s 1941 noir flick about an ex-con on a job gone wrong in the Sierra Nevada. Released early that year, it made Humphrey Bogart a viable star, and we all know what would happen next there. It also proved the skill set of writer John Huston, who would team up with his new star later that same year and make a little movie called “The Maltese Falcon.” All of the ingredients for their future fame and influence are here, including Bogey’s unique blend of irascible charm and Huston’s gift with plotting. There’s more fat on the bone than in their best works, but the Criterion release is a beauty for classic movies fans, and even includes Walsh’s 1949 Western remake of his own material, “Colorado Territory,” in its entirety.