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The Hilarious Winners Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2021 have been revealed in all their preposterous splendor. This year’s best prize was awarded to Ken Jensen, an novice photographer from the British isles for his incredible photograph of a Golden Silk Monkey ungracefully caught in an unlucky slip-up, aptly titled “Ouch!”

Ken points out that he took the image back in 2016 although on vacation in southwestern Chinese province Yunnan. Though groups of monkeys ended up taking part in and acting inquisitively toward the tourists, this certain monkey was acting particularly aggressively. However, they rapidly acquired a dose of instantaneous karma, slipping on the wire and landing in an not comfortable place.

“It is a good experience to know that one’s impression is creating people today smile globally as perfectly as assisting to help some fantastically worthwhile conservation will cause,” Ken remarked when listening to about his success in the competition.

Ouch! ©Ken Jensen/

The Comedy Wildlife Images Awards was started off in 2015 with the hopes of developing a level of competition that promoted wildlife conservation through humor. This 12 months, the competition is donating 10 percent of its overall web profits to Help save Wild Orangutans, a charity that will help to protect wild orangutans in and close to Gunung Palung Countrywide Park in Borneo.

The Affinity Picture People’s Choice Award, voted for by the community, was awarded to John Speirs for his shot taken in windy Scotland of a pigeon with an autumn leaf blown into its face, titled “I Guess Summer’s More than!” Other winners include Chee Kee Teo for their graphic “Time for School” of a younger otter and its mother, which received the Creatures Under the Sea Award, and Vicki Jauron for their image “The Joy of a Mud Tub,” a sequence of visuals demonstrating a young elephant taking part in in the mud in Zimbabwe, which won the Wonderful Internet Portfolio Award.

I guess summer’s about ©John Speirs/

Time for school ©Chee Kee Teo/

The Joy of a Mud Bath ©Vicki Jauron/

In addition to the class winners, there were also 10 “Highly Commended Winners” that narrowly skipped the top place, but however managed to make the judges smile. You can watch a range of the successful pictures down below. If all of this tickles your extravagant, then look at out the finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards 2020.

Treehugger ©Jakub Hodan/

Peekaboo ©Pal Marchhart/

The Green Stylist ©Gurumoorthy K/

Let’s dance ©Andy Parkinson/