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The real museums of Amsterdam

Are you a real museum fanatic? Then Amsterdam is a real place for you. Amsterdam is full of different museums. This way you can enjoy yourself all day long in all kinds of museums in Amsterdam. Are you curious which museum is really for you? Then read

The real art of Amsterdam

Are you a real art lover of modern art? Then this modern art museum Amsterdam might be something for you. The most famous option of a modern art museum in Amsterdam is the moco museum. The Moco Museum is a museum that mainly focuses on street art and modern art. In this modern art museum Amsterdam also called the moco museum, you can admire many modern works of art by very famous artists and painters. because the moco museum is a real modern art museum in Amsterdam, this is a nice museum to visit with your children or the whole family. The art in the moco museum is really focused on modern times, the time in which they currently live. This makes the moco museum a modern art museum in Amsterdam that you can add to your list. If you are a true fan of modern art, this modern art museum in Amsterdam is not to be missed.

Many more museums

In addition to the moco museum, Amsterdam has many more museums than you could possibly visit. For example, you have the Anne Frank Museum. Here you can see where Anne, along with her family and another family, was hidden during the Second World War. A very nice historical museum.

You also have the Madame Taussaud Museum. This is the museum with all the different wax figures of your favorite celebrities. Think of Obama, but also Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and much, much more.

Finally, you also have the Instagram museum. This is a very nice museum, especially for young people. They are great places where you can take the best pictures for your new Instagram post. Shooting a day in the Instagram museum then you can post photos on your Instagram for a whole year.

Have a nice sleep

Is staying in Amsterdam for a day just a little too long to go straight back home afterwards? You can also choose to spend the night in one of the beautiful museums in Amsterdam. This does not have to be for a high price. You have different hotels in Amsterdam that fall under different price ranges. This way you can extend your museum days.