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What your October 2021 looked like

i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email [email protected]

Once again we received even more submissions than the month before, making the process of editing this story even harder. For anyone whose images did not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible.


Maingaila Muvundika, 22, Lusaka, Zambia

“The last shot from a portrait session with Bacci during golden hour.” @theoddfray

six boys in shorts sit on a sofa in front of Michelangelo's painting

Will Bruce, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine 

“My childhood best friends relaxing after a cold water swim. I didn’t realise Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ was behind them until I got the film developed.” @willbruce

Girl in a furry hood and a dark coat puts her finger up standing in a crowd.

Zita Verwilt, 23, Antwerp, Belgium

“I took this photo on the second day of clubs opening in Belgium. It was a hard techno party and this girl was looking so cool and young. It was the first time she’d been out.” @zita.verwilt

Girl with hands in a praying stance behind her back

You Hah Kim, 25, Seoul, South Korea

“There are many ways to make a wish.” @newkimjpg

side profile of man behind a hatched wire fence.

Elif Sanem Karakoc, 31, California, USA

“Time, light, and colors exist to compliment this man.” @elifsanemkarakoc

a blurry mass of people in a club

Sebastian Sanchez, 30, Stockholm, Sweden

“As we are entering the darkest months in the north there is always a glimpse of light.”

Hazy photo of city lit up

Hadi Alkhamees, 25, Saudi Arabia

“This represents vagueness, when something is lost in memory.” @yorkehead

Person in brown sweats and a basketball bag drinks a milkshake while sitting on the side of the road.

Diego Galaz Borgoño, 29, Santiago, Chile

“Due to all the events currently in Latin America, many brothers have had to leave their homes to seek opportunities in neighbouring countries. This photograph was taken in the capital Santiago de Chile, of a Colombian boy enjoying the sunset with his fresh pineapple juice.” @galazdiego

Protester wearing South Korean flag stands in front of other protesters and police barricades on the pavement.

Youngik Youn, 24, Seoul, South Korea

“A far-right organisation protests in front of Seoul City Hall Station.” 

woman walks through the dessert sands

Salma Olama, 22, Cairo, Egypt

“I took this photo of my mother during a trip to Siwa Oasis. Walking on sand makes me feel lighter.” @ohlama

picture of a city at night in the distance with the lights of passing cars and buses in the foreground.

Pipe Torres, 22, Cayambe, Ecuador

“I took this picture while I was on a road trip with friends! I tried to capture the landscape, realising that buses and lights are also a part of it.” @Mr.pipe1712

Tomás Monteiro-57.jpeg.JPEG

Tomás Monteiro, 27, Lisbon, Portugal

“Even though it was cold, it was still warm.” @monteirotomas

Two kids dressed up and with face paints and jewels walk through a crowd.

Shyamoli Shah, 17, Mumbai, India

“I took this photograph of a boy and girl dressed as Ram and Sita, in Varanasi, India. Before I could ask them their names, the children disappeared into the crowd, leaving me standing in a smokey haze of incense and halogen lights on the steps of the riverbank.” @licat

Person with green hair holds up someone else as they make their way through a crowd.

Christian Martinez, 20, Arizona, USA 

“Shoving, Leg Kicks, throwing elbows — energy.” @lifetimearchives

Person in a white vest and silver chain with hands behind their head.

Wong Ka Ching, 24, Hong Kong

“The human body is like a cocoon. You want to get out because it feels like doom. Be patient, the time is coming soon. And now, you were released, so fly to the moon.” @verwon__

girl standing under the hazy strobe lights in a club

David, 20, California, USA

“Flickering club lights shine brighter than stars.” @neural.10190710

man in sports top holds a crucifix necklace around his neck

Robonggo, 31, Pondok Gede, Indonesia

“This is a friend of mine from Papua New Guinea. I asked him what the best secret in his life was and he showed me this necklace.” @blnk.rnbw

shirtless blonde boy rubs his eyes

Jaden Walker, 21, California, USA

“My friend Isaiah in my apartment.” @jadenwalker

Pink papier mache head of Indian mythology figure

Ravi Juneja, 33, Uttar Pradesh, India

“A big day to witness in Indian mythology, Dussehra is when when Lord Ram killed the ten evil faces of Ravana.”

kids in halloween costumes outside a spookily decorated house

Kyle Serrano, 29, California, USA

“Brothers Jaren and Noah were out and about in their Halloween costumes. They are hilarious kids filled with joy, and to photograph them in such a serious and eerie mood was captivating.” @kylebserrano

Busy road in a tunnel at night

Angelica Bianca Purino, 27, Philippines

“These photos are from my first outing after testing negative. Regaining my freedom again really helped my mental health and I couldn’t be happier.” @filmsandtales

a brick house with red lights inside at night. A banana tree sits in front of the house and three people are inside.

Aadhyaa Bhatt, New Delhi, India

“At the end of a three-day marriage ceremony the whole clan united for a dinner prepared by the men on the bride’s side. The banana tree in front of the house, which is considered auspicious, is tied from all four sides, and the red light indoors shone bright on all the chefs as they came together.” @yoursaadhyaa

Two people walk through the street at night.

Jiun, 28, Seoul, South Korea

“Fake tears and no emotion. We just exist and it just happens.” @hereiscloudland

Two people walk through the street smoking.

Catarina Mel, 20, Paris, France 

“Timothee and Tiko showed me around Paris one Tuesday evening.” @pluginmyideas

two people wearing white and red traditional garments walk along the street

Zicky Le, 25, Yangon, Myanmar

“Some pictures of my cousins wearing our Knyaw ethnic clothing.” @zickyf.le

image0 (5).jpeg

Gull White, 22, Beijing, China

“I shot this photo with my lover in a park in Beijing.” @nrhere13

People lie on the ground under a light up display

Marcin Głód, 23, Warsaw, Poland

“My first time my shooting with Cinestill 800T. It’s of my dear friend and her boyfriend when I visited them in Berlin.” @mrcingld

an old lady in a head scarf laughing

Kristina Gurung, 19, Massachusetts, USA

“As those fine lines embrace time and caress Ama’s smile. On her visit from Nepal.” @darpanxchaya

Blurred photo of someone at night in front of candles.

Anna Yung, 25, California, USA

“My friend Anoop Djing at a backyard concert in the blur of a Saturday night.” @annayung__

Boy jumping up to reach a button on a fairground arcade game.

Luís Calixto, 28, Portugal

“This local festival is my first public event since the pandemic began and this photo I took at it brings me hope and joy. Always reach for the sky, even if the goal seems impossible.”

Red cinema seats and someone walking away next to them

Claresta, Jakarta, Indonesia

“I went to the cinema for the first time in almost two years to see Dune. As a cinema lover, it felt so special being in that room again. We take many things for granted.” @clarestatantra

portrait of model in white vest and baggy trousers

Ethan Bradshaw, 22, Leicester, UK

“Finn, just as the sun was starting to set.” @erbradshaw

Boy with red hair poses in front of a car in Brooklyn

Peter Aallyn, 19, New York, USA

“I took this photo of Luke on the streets of Brooklyn after he dyed his hair.” @peteraallyn

Portrait of a model with tattoos on body, an orange scarf and chain necklace.

Raina Bell, 25, New York, USA

“This is the lovely Coral. My goal was to capture the authentic unfiltered beauty of their sundry soul. I love their tattoo ‘my body my art’.”


All images courtesy of the artist

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