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Why do we end exploring new songs as we get more mature?

According to an estimate from the Global Federation of the Phonographic Field, an organisation that signifies the global songs business, individuals close to the globe devote on average 20.1 several hours per 7 days listening to new music, up from 18.4 several hours in 2021.

We have a lot more means to access new music than at any time in history and a full world of unfamiliar styles to check out.

The thrill of identifying new tracks and new seems can enrich folks of all ages.

Apart from, most of the time, it isn’t going to.

Our willingness to examine new or unfamiliar audio declines with age. Multiple research confirm the sentiments of US songwriter and musician Bob Seger:

Present day songs ain’t obtained the similar soul
I like that aged time rock ‘n’ roll

Exploring new music

Academics use the term “open-earedness” to describe our willingness to investigate new songs. Across our life this willingness waxes and wanes.